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“Smile!”: BSAC donates digital camera kit to Stop Superbugs partner in Tanzania

16th February 2021

For small, volunteer-led projects around the world, capturing high-quality images and video isn’t just a way of promoting success, sharing best practice, and inspiring supporters – it also helps to record the sort of evidence that will help to secure all-important funding. Up until recently, the Roll Back Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative (RBA-Initiative), our partner project in […]

Public Health England supports Stop Superbugs by providing invaluable advice on impact evaluation

20th January 2021

For small, community projects, effective impact evaluation can be vital to ensure a project is meeting its goals, as well as helping to secure funding so that they can develop and grow. With this in mind, experts from Public Health England’s (PHE) e-Bug team recently volunteered their time to help support Stop Superbugs…   The Roll-back […]

Stop Superbugs: Why branding matters when it comes to tackling a global health emergency

20th April 2020

There aren’t many more pressing threats to humanity than drug-resistant infections – or superbugs as they’re more commonly known. As it stands, they kill at least 700,000 people a year. That’s set to rise to 10 million every year in just a few decades, with the poorest people on Earth likely to be the hardest […]

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